About Us


EBI is a first-class drilling and blasting company founded in 1972. EBI’s range of services include controlled blasting for rock excavation, such as highway road cuts, sitework, golf courses, quarries, utility lines, etc... Explosives demolition includes bridge demolition, industrial structures, reinforced concrete, etc... EBI has completed thousands of successful projects and for this EBI has earned the reputation as first-class experts in the explosives field.

The company works with owners, contractors, developers, quarries, and homeowners on projects of all dimensions. EBI has made a commitment to safety, timely service, and quality workmanship. For this the company is recognized as a leader in the explosives field.


EBI is one of the largest, safest, and most experienced drilling and blasting companies in Texas. Family owned and operated, EBI was founded by Marcus Erfurt and later run by his son, David Erfurt.

Marcus Erfurt’s experience with explosives goes back to World War II when he was in the Navy Seabees. Upon returning to Texas, Marcus continued to use his skills with explosives in small jobs such as septic tanks and swimming pools. In the late 1950’s, he went to Colorado and worked in the underground mining industry. He returned to Texas in 1968, and in 1972, he started his own blasting company, which is now known as Erfurt Blasting Co., Inc.

Marcus Erfurt’s reputation as a controlled blaster soon came to be well known. He successfully performed safe blasting operations for parking garages, building foundations, and basements in many of the existing structures of downtown Austin, Texas. (See some photos of these jobs in the photo gallery.)

David Erfurt’s experience began in 1978. He started out on the drilling crew and by 1983, he had worked his way up to lead blaster. Marcus taught David the many skills he had learned over the years, and David continued the family reputation as controlled blasters.

In 2020, David Erfurt sold EBI to Robert Flores.  He is now owner and President of Erfurt Blasting. David Erfurt is still with EBI assisting with project coordination and as a technical consultant.  

Robert Flores’s experience with EBI goes back to 1999.  Robert started out as a driller, then a blaster helper, and eventually became a lead blaster.

Robert Flores has helped the company grow into what are now four blasting crews supported by seventeen drills. Robert Flores’s hands-on experience and working knowledge of explosives has caused him to be recognized as a leader in the explosives field, taking on projects that others would not. EBI is now a third-generation company with many years’ experience in rock blasting and demolition blasting.


EBI maintains insurance liability for the protection of everyone and we take great pride in having a reputation for maintaining safe blasting operations. EBI’s drilling and blasting personnel go through extensive training regarding safety. All EBI’s employees receive job specific training before going out into the field. Blasting personnel receive 16 hours of annual classroom training which includes ongoing updates in the explosives field and refresher training.

EBI has earned the reputation as first-class experts in our field and a stellar safety record.